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The artist's department

In the Yadeck league, each artist displays the territory he represents. This will be the department number for French artists and an abbreviation for French-speaking artists outside France (for example, "BE" for Belgium).

What is the purpose of the departments on my cards in Yadeck?

The department of the artist can give you some advantages in Yadeck. Indeed, if you combine cards of artists representing the same department in your deck of 5 cards, you get bonus points; the more artists you connect on your 5 cards, the more bonus points you will get.

Where are they located on my Yadeck card?

On all Yadeck cards, you can find the department that the artist represents. This is located on the upper-left edge of the card. Here, the department of the artist is 91: so you must have other artists from 91 if you want to get bonus points.